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All My Tomorrows - Kathryn C. Kelly.jpg

She was the shy girl with a troubled past…He was the man who rejected her years before. Should she give him a second chance?

Brittany lives a quiet life, haunted by traumatic memories that make her hide from the world—until the only man she’s ever loved comes into her life again. 

Several years ago, Trey had watched her blossom into a stunning young woman. But when their relationship began to heat up, he not only backed away: he moved away. 

When they meet again, Trey realizes that he’s been waiting for her all the time.

But how can he ever persuade her to trust him again?

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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Dominic is furious when he discovers the CEO of a company he's just invested in has hacked some of his confidential files. These files contain information worth millions of dollars. Schooled by his unfeeling father to annihilate the competition, Dominic's instinct is to kick Blaine Bradford’s ass. Then the man goes into hiding, so Dominic decides to exact his revenge on an easier target--Blaine's little sister.
Held captive for a ransom she knows her brother won't ever pay, Olivia comes up with a plan to soothe Dominic's savage nature and earn her freedom, hoping he never discovers her role in Blaine's theft. Once Dominic makes love to Olivia, she begins to wonder if escape is what she really wants.

NOTE: Originally published by Ellora's Cave as Riveted, I am re-releasing Captivated with its original title. Captivated was changed to Riveted because there was already a book with that title in EC's catalog.


A curse that spans several centuries. 
An emerald choker that holds the power to remove the evil spell.
To Sienna, her humanity is more important than immortality. She must stay in possession of the choker to stay alive. A Shaman’s hex has left Shay stuck between two worlds, half human and half wolf. He must reclaim the emerald to free his soul.
As a man and a woman, Sienna and Shay’s sexual attraction is powerful and all-consuming. As wild beasts, they are mortal enemies, entwined for eternity.
One must die so that the other will live.
Who will survive? Or will their mutual love conquer all?

Available on Kindle Unlimited!


When a lunch date ends badly for Pearllene and Miss Catherine, the enforcer for the Death Dwellers MC, Mortician, and Edge, the enforcer for the Soulless Bastards MC, must form an alliance to save them.

The motherf*ckers who dared to mess with what is theirs, need to be taught some respect.

Revenge is everything it’s cracked up to be.

READER DISCLAIMER: This novella is NOT M/M genre.

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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