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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reading order of the Death Dwellers?

The order is as follows: Misled, Misappropriate, Misunderstood, Misdeeds, Misbehavior, Misjudged, Misguided, Misalliance, Misconduct, A Very Christopher Christmas, Misfit, Mistrust, Misgivings, An Outlaw Valentine, Misrule.

Why won't you kill Kendall?

She had her happily-ever-after with Johnnie. In my eyes, she's a heroine, whether she's good or bad. Therefore, I refuse to have her die.

Why do you allow Kendall to cause such drama? I feel as if you make her the scapegoat for your plots.

I know it seems as if Kendall causes unnecessary drama, but I follow the lead of the characters as I write. Kendall doesn't seem to be happy unless she is causing mischief. If you like Kendall as a character, I'm not "using" her to create drama. She IS drama, and she loves it.

Will there be any more Death Dweller books after Misrule?

I had two additional novellas planned, but if I want CJ's book out for December 5, 2018, I cannot write Misconstrued and Mismatched.

Do you plan to add Misgivings, An Outlaw Valentine, and Misrule to the boxed set?

Yes, eventually.

Will you write books about the kids?

Yes, it will be the Death Dweller Legacy Series.

Why does Christopher talk as he does but think with correct English?

He knows the proper English, so when we're in his POV, he thinks that way. He's been talking improperly for so long, it is hard for him to change, although he does make an effort on behalf of his children.

Why does Christopher use so many F-bombs?

F*ck is his favorite word. That is one of his characteristics.

What is the reading order of the Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series?

Inferno, Incendiary, Scorched, and Inflame

Why do you have a cliffhanger in Inferno?

I realized the story required a second book because I couldn't get Sloane and Georgie's romance in one volume, as I'd originally intended.

Should I read Inferno and Incendiary to enjoy Inflame?

While it isn't necessary to read the two previous books, it does help to put Inflame and the characters' motivation into better perspective.

Why is Scorched $0.99 on Amazon but free everywhere else?

Amazon will not allow me to offer a free book. Some readers prefer Amazon, which is why it is listed on the site. However, click the Scorched cover on the Phoenix Rising page and it will take you to Kobo for a free copy. 

Will there be any future releases in the Dirty Boy Studios Series?

Yes, there will be at least two additional titles in the series. Release dates will be available as soon as I have them.

Do you have any appearance dates scheduled or plans to attend conferences?

It is my intention to do so. Check back here or on my blog for news.

Will you autograph my book?

If enough interest is shown, I will add a buy button on this site for autographed paperbacks. Mailings would be once a month.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, and I will soon restart it and keep up a quarterly schedule. As soon as I start it again, I will include a link on the site.

Do you have swag?


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