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Book 1

Christopher & Megan

Book 2
Christopher & Megan

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Book 3
Johnnie & Kendall

Book 4
Johnnie & Kendall

Book 5
Val & Zoann

Book 6
Christopher & Megan

Book 7
Mortician & Bailey

Book 8
Johnnie and Kendall

Book 9
Digger & Bunny

Book 10
Christopher & Megan
Johnnie & Kendall

minimal title


Book 11
Cash, Stretch & Ophelia

Book 12
Roxy & Knox


Book 13
Jordan & Cam

Book 14
Christopher & Megan
Johnnie & Kendall

Book 15
Roxy & Knox

Misconstrued & Mismatched were novellas

I planned to write. However, if I hope to keep to my schedule for the next generation, these may never get written.

In Misconstrued, Bunny's brother, Gabe, tries to impress a woman by pretending Digger and Bunny's children are his. Not only will he have a pissed off biker to deal with, but a very furious girlfriend.

Plotline for Mismatched hadn't been determined, neither had the hero . My choices were Potter, the new member, Montana, Raine's brother from Inflame, or Randolph,

Meggie's nephew.

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