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I’m a rocker with the eyes of the world on me. Waiting for my triumph or my downfall…just waiting. 

Most of my life is in my hands. My destiny? That’s another story. My destiny isn’t as debt free. 

My band, Phoenix Rising, arrives in Houston to cut a new album. Before we perform our first concert in the city and I choose my groupies of the night, I’m thrust into debauchery. Sleeping with a gorgeous woman twenty years older than me has its perks, especially when her husband orchestrated the encounter and eagerly watches. To me, performing is performing. If a man wants to share his wife, who am I to stop him?

Unfortunately for me, I don’t make a clean getaway as I leave the McCall mansion. Georgie, their sixteen-year-old daughter, is in the midst of her own intrigue, sneaking home in the middle of the night after an evening of drugs and sex with her older brother’s best friend. In her, I see me. She’s lost and drifting. Her hedonistic parents insist she’s old enough to make her own decisions. Instead of time and love, they give her money and things. 

I’m a twenty-five-year old international superstar and I know better. I’m cocky and arrogant. I know it so I own it. Somehow, I’ve always bested the fates. I have all to lose—my reputation, my career, and my freedom. Her mother’s jealousy forces my hand and I take Georgie on the tour.

This is our story and our secret relationship and the destruction of my life. You know the adage about secrets? Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. Wise words from a wise man. If only I had listened. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves in the harshest way.

Georgie has destroyed me. She's threatened my freedom and everything I've worked so hard to build. My band, my music, is the last thing on my mind. I want her to pay for all she's done.

But she's still my Georgie, and my desire for her is as hot as ever. She's my inferno, my biggest mistake and my greatest reward.

My fans see her as their idol's downfall. When her life is threatened, I will come to realize there's nothing in the world more important to me than her.

She's my flame.

I'm her anchor.

Together, we're explosive.

We are incendiary.

For mature audiences only. Incendiary is not a standalone novel, but is the conclusion to Georgiana McCall's and Sloane Mason's story that began in Inferno.

Kiln Mason is Chief Personal Protection Officer for the world-famous Phoenix Rising Rock Band. Having two months of down time, he gives in to the inner demons plaguing him and decides to seek revenge on the band’s lead singer.

After attending a meeting to plan his attack, Kiln meets Raine, a girl down on her luck and living on the streets. Raine comes with more baggage than airline luggage compartments.

When he walks away from her the night they meet, he believes he’ll never see her again.


However, Raine needs money to save her brother’s life. For her, Kiln is the answer to her prayers and sets out to find Kiln.

She does, and convinces him to give her the money for her brother’s safe return. However, when she goes to deliver the cash, all they find are pools of blood. 

Despite Kiln’s belief that all women are deceptive, he is, nevertheless, pulled into Raine’s intrigue, while still planning Sloane Mason’s death. As Raine searches for her brother’s body and Kiln wrestles with his conscience, he knows he has to tread carefully. He asked the Death Dwellers MC for the hitman to do his dirty work. He merely neglected to mention one of their friends is the target. 

The death of Raine’s brother devastates her. He was her protector and partner in crime. Kiln once again offers to help her, but she has to agree to become his mistress until he leaves town.

He doesn’t do relationships. She doesn’t think she’s destined for one. Their strong opinions are a source of constant conflict. Will Kiln carry out his murder plot or will the motorcycle club discover his intentions and retaliate? Can Raine trust him enough to let her guard down? Where will their separate agendas lead them? Down different roads or to a future with everlasting love and happiness?

FREE for fans of Inferno and Incendiary, this is a three-thousand-word short detailing a night in the lives of Georgie and Sloane Mason during the band's concert and, later, the couple's scorching hot night.

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